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by | Mar 20, 2019 | Tech Advice


Running a business is stressful enough. There was a time when you only needed to worry about a few suspicious email messages in your inbox, offering a large sum of money from an overseas prince or the receipt of a greeting card from a secret admirer. Now, any message could be a potential phishing threat lurking in your inbox.

Your inbox is no longer a safe place for communication! Email is now the most common IT security threat for organizations. Even with increased security measures, standard email filtering is no longer enough to keep you protected.

A recent Mimecast report found an 80% increase of impersonation. Additionally, spam accounted for over 13% of the total email received, 13,176 emails containing dangerous file types, and 15,656 malware attachments were all missed by these incumbent providers and delivered to users’ inboxes.

“Targeted malware, heavily socially-engineered impersonation attacks, and phishing threats are still reaching employee inboxes. This leaves organizations at risk of a data breach and financial loss,” said Matthew Gardiner, cybersecurity strategist at Mimecast. “Our latest quarterly analysis saw a continued attacker focus on impersonation attacks quarter-on-quarter. These are difficult attacks to identify without specialized security capabilities, and this testing shows that commonly used systems aren’t doing a good job catching them.”

It only takes a single click to compromise the security of your entire network! Malware is no longer distributed for bragging rights, but has real money attached to it. Ransomware is growing rampantly and the files on every networked station could be easily encrypted without the right security measures in place.

Email is a necessary communication in the world in which we live. How can you ensure this tool is utilized as safely as possible?

  • Have an email policy in place for your staff. Educate them on the potential threats that exist today and the consequences of a single inadvertent click. Consider each message as a possible threat and evaluate it based on content such as: Was it expected? Do you know the source? Does it appear to be a real message? Is it requesting that you open an attachment or click on a link?
  • Ensure the malware protection on the workstations is updated frequently and properly managed
  • Use an 3rd party filtering service such as AppRiver’s email security. Email Security blocks 99 percent of unwanted mail and malware, keeping your inbox clean and your network safe.

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